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Get Rid of Pet Odors in Your Home for Good

May 1, 2024 | PURT

Get Rid of Pet Odors in Your Home for Good

Having a beloved pet at home brings so much joy, but let’s be honest, it also comes with its own set of challenges, like dealing with stubborn pet smells. For anyone living in New York City with pets, keeping your home smelling fresh and welcoming can feel like a full-time job. Especially in small spaces where every square foot counts, those pet odors can quickly turn from a little annoying to seriously embarrassing. But don’t worry, Empire City Chem-Dry’s pet urine removal in Manhattan, NY, offers plenty of smart strategies and expert services out there designed to help you get rid of those pet odors for good, leaving your space smelling fresh and pet-neutral.

Understanding the Root of Pet Odors

Before we dive into getting rid of those pesky odors with Empire City Chem-Dry, let’s understand where they come from. Pet urine, with its ammonia and sterile makeup, can leave behind a pretty strong smell, especially in closed-up spaces. When our furry pals decide to go indoors, that urine gets into the carpet fibers and sometimes even the pad underneath, a challenge Empire City Chem-Dry is well-equipped to handle. A lot of times the real source of pet smells is hidden away under the carpet, where regular cleaning just doesn’t cut it. This is where carpet cleaning and pet urine removal in Manhattan, NY, can make a difference.

How to Prevent Pet Odors at Home

Preventing pet odors is better than having to deal with them later, and luckily, there are plenty of simple steps you can take to keep those smells at bay in your home.

Regular Grooming and Cleanliness

A tidy pet with a shiny coat is your best bet against those pesky smells. Giving them regular baths, a good brush, and keeping up with their fur care can cut down on dander and lingering pet odors. Plus, making sure they’re clean after a fun park run means they won’t drag outside smells back home with them.

Timely Litter Box and Accident Cleanups

Taking care of your pet’s hygiene isn’t just about grooming; it’s also about keeping their living space clean. Make sure to keep up with the litter box and clean up any messes right away. If you wait, the smells can get worse and make cleaning a lot harder.

Proactive Carpet Care

Regular vacuuming and periodic deep cleaning of your carpets not only maintain the aesthetics of your home but also help prevent the buildup of pet odors. By removing pet hair and dander that bind with carpets, you’re effectively minimizing their aromatic presence.

The Role of Professional Carpet Cleaners in Odor Removal

If you’re beyond the prevention stage, getting help from professional carpet cleaners is your best shot at tackling pet odors. Empire City Chem-Dry in Manhattan, New York, is super skilled at getting rid of those pet smells for good with their special P.U.R.T. process.

What is P.U.R.T.?

P.U.R.T., or Pet Urine Removal Treatment, is a revolutionary method designed to tackle the odors at their source. It doesn’t simply mask the smells like common household chemicals but chemically reacts with the components in pet urine that create odors, rendering them inert and odorless. The treatment is safe for your pets, carpets, and the environment.

Three-Step Process to Odor Elimination

Empire City Chem-Dry executes a meticulously designed process to ensure your carpets are free from pet odors:


Upon inspection with specialized equipment, the P.U.R.T. technicians pinpoint the exact areas affected by pet urine, often uncovering spots that are invisible to the naked eye.

Treatment Application

The P.U.R.T. formula is skillfully applied to the affected carpet areas, where it permeates deep into the fibers to neutralize odors without causing harm.

Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE)

The final step uses HCE, a powerful extraction and cleaning technique, to remove traces of the P.U.R.T. treatment and the now inert pet odor molecules.

Laboratory-Proven Results

An independent study confirmed that the P.U.R.T. process was highly effective in removing pet urine odors from tested carpets, achieving a near-perfect success rate. These results reassure homeowners with a reliable, proven method for odor elimination.

Trust the Experts for Fresh Carpet Cleaning and Pet Urine Removal in Manhattan, NY

When pet odors start to take over, turn to the professionals at Empire City Chem-Dry for expert carpet cleaning and pet urine removal in Manhattan, NY. They offer advanced treatments and guarantee an odor-free, safe environment for your family and pets.

Ready for a Refresh?

If you’re excited to welcome the fresh, clean scent into your home, feel free to give Empire City Chem-Dry a call at (347) 768-7113. Let’s take that first step towards having a home that feels as amazing as it looks, and make sure your beloved pet can wander around freely without leaving behind any unwelcome scents!

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